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The Incredibles

13' x 13' Bouncer

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and their three incredible kids; Violet, Dash and little Jack Jack are a family of undercover superheroes. While trying to live the quiet suburban life they are forced into action to save the world. This superhero family will save the day again…this time with your help! At 13′ x 13′, our Incredibles Jump provides over 160 square feet of pure bounce.

Excellent for smaller kids looking for a simple bounce house.

How big is the unit?
Width: 13’ Length: 13’ Height: 13’
How much space to I need for this unit?
You need at minimum a space of about 18’ x 18’. We have to allow space for the blower to inflate the unit.
How many kids can fit in this unit?
Aggressiveness of the kids is a big factor, but below is an average of how many can fit in the unit.
Ages 2-4: 6-8 kids
Ages 4-7: 5-7 kids
Ages 7-10: 4-6 kids
Ages 10+ : 4 kids
Can adults go in the unit?
Yes. This unit has a weight limit of 180 lbs/person with 3 adults maximum.
Set up requirements:
This unit can be setup on pavement or grass. The unit has to be within 100’ of a power source; otherwise a gas generator would be required for $55 additional charge.
On average, cost is $325