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65' Mega Obstacle Challenge

Obstacle Course

Take the MEGA Obstacle Challenge today! It features two slides with wide easy-to-climb steps, and it’s entrance doors are accessible to all. Run, jump, and climb your way through this amazing course. Great for all ages! See if YOU have what it takes to win the race as you slide to victory!

Our Mega 1-2-3 Obstacle Challenge is designed for maximum safety and versatility. You can mix & match the 3 sections to create a 65′ long obstacle course or use modules 1 & 2 for an exciting 40′ course. You can also combine 1 & 3 for a challenging 45′ course. Safety screen mesh is used extensively throughout all 3 modules making this unit the safest on the market. This is a great unit for Indoor Play Centers.

How big is the unit?
Width: 12’ Length: 65′

How much space to I need for this unit?


Coming soon.
Is there a height requirement for children?
42” minimum height requirement.

How many kids can fit in this unit?

This unit has two lanes, so when the first two kids are halfway through, then the next two kids go. This way the kids really have fun through the unit. Not recommended for kids under 42″ due to stairs required to climb.

Aggressiveness of the kids is a big factor, but below is an average of how many can fit in the unit.
Ages 3-5: 8-10 kids
Ages 5-8: 6-8 kids
Ages 8-10: 4-7 kids
Ages 10+ : 4-6 kids
Can water be used on the slide?
Can adults go in the unit?
Yes. This unit has a weight limit of 180 lbs/person with 4 adults maximum.
Set up requirements:
The unit has to be within 100’ of a power source; otherwise a gas generator would be required for $60 additional charge.