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5-in-1 Balloon Ride Bouncer

Specialty Bounce House Rental


Jump up, up, up and away in Jersey Jumpy’s five-in-one balloon ride bounce house combo. This is the ultimate of inflatable bounce houses! This large balloon ride bounce house hosts an interior bounce area with a basketball hoop and obstacles as well as a climbing feature and convenient exit slide. Sure to provide hours of fun, this bounce house consists of 360-degree mesh slides, allowing easy supervision for parents, and is made of strong, fire-resistant vinyl for safety, durability and easy portability. Jersey Jumpy’s balloon ride bounce house, the largest unit available, is sure to make any indoor or outdoor event a great success!

Excellent for kids ages 3+ who want it all — a slide, hoops, obstacles… and fun!

What makes up the 5 options for the 5-In-1 Balloon Ride Bouncer?

Jumping area, slide, basketball hoop, ladder going up to slide and obstacles in the bouncing area. Obstacles add a new dimension of fun and they can also be used for a Jump Shot Scoring Game. With dual basketball hoops as a standard feature, you can shoot hoops inside or outside the unit.

How big is the unit?

Width: 15’ Length: 18’ Height: 17’

How much space to I need for this unit?

You need at minimum a space of about 25’ x 20’. We have to allow space for the blower to inflate the unit and for the kids to come down the slide.

Is there a height requirement for children?

42” minimum height requirement.

How many kids can fit in this unit?

Aggressiveness of the kids is a big factor, but below is an average of how many can fit in the unit.
Ages 3-5: 8-12 kids
Ages 5-8: 7-9 kids
Ages 8-10: 5-8 kids
Ages 10+: 4-6 kids

Can water be used on the slide?

No, water cannot be used on the slide.

Can adults go in the unit?

Yes. This unit has a weight limit of 180 lbs/person with 4 adults maximum.

Set up requirements:

This unit can be setup on pavement or grass, but we recommend the grass for when kids come down the slide, as the slide landing is outside the unit. The unit has to be within 100’ of a power source; otherwise a gas generator would be required for $100 additional charge.


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