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10' x 10' In-And-Out-Jumpinbox

15' x 15' Bounce House Rental


Bounce house enthusiasts of all ages gravitate toward this bounce house. Whether a backyard BBQ or school function, our in-and-out jump-in-box bounce house is perfect for any type of celebration. Measuring 10 feet by 10 feet of jumping space, this moonbounce / bounce house can fulfill any party need, indoors and outdoors!

Our smallest unit, our in-and-out jump-in-box bounce house is ideal for small indoor parties that have larger ceilings.

How big is the unit?

Width: 10’ Length: 10’ Height: 9’

How much space to I need for this unit?

You need at minimum a space of about 13’ x 13’. We have to allow space for the blower to inflate the unit. 10 foot ceilings needed at minimum.

How many kids can fit in this unit?

Aggressiveness of the kids is a big factor, but below is an average of how many can fit in the unit.
Ages 2-4: 3-4 kids
Ages 4-7: 2-3 kids
Ages 7-10: not recommended
Ages 10+: not recommended

Can adults go in the unit?

No, not this unit.

Set up requirements:

This unit can be setup on pavement or grass.


Local to New Jersey and looking for a bounce house rental, contact Jersey Jumpy today!